Hear Our Story

The story behind our restaurant begins with Alice Nguyen; who grew up in a small mountain town of Dat Lat, Vietnam in 1961. As the third generation of family bakers, Alice began her cooking journey in Annecy, France: developing the love of the kitchen. With the help of her extended family, Alice was fortunate to enroll into culinary school. There she crafted her passion of pastry and culinary cooking skills. She decided to move to the US to open a small bakery in the heart of downtown Hayward serving fresh-baked goods.

In that small bakery on A Street, Alice experimented small Vietnamese rice dishes to surrounding local customers as an experiment. She cultivated the idea and established Le Paradis in 2002. Using unique local ingredients and healthy alternatives, she crafted affordable Vietnamese dishes with traditional flavors. Alice Nguyen believes in feeding good healthy delicious food incorporating French influences in Vietnamese cuisine.

Le Paradis Outside We have been in business for over 25 years and believe that the success to a restaurant is making your guests feel like family and offer meals that are fresh and healthy. We also offer baked goods from our bakery section at affordable prices.